We are glad to introduce Tadelakt Portugal!

We, Tadelakt Portugal represent a small group of Malem´s, (professional tadelakt masters) that know who to work with Traditional Tadelakt application in very skilled ways. We have been in
active in Portugal and many other locations throughout Europe for almost two decades.
This traditional Nort-African Lime plaster technique is like Art, it is a craft form. Its Handmade and Unique.

These days there are plenty of imitations made with cement and plastic components, but none of them gives the same silky look and feeling as the real thing does. Tadelakt is not an easy job, its highly sensitive and a very labour intensive application.

Tadelakt is 100% handwork – it is as if we are shaping a ceramic statue or a piece of art, in the home,  the bathroom, hammam or other.
The last 25 years Tadelakt became well known and much sought after by many architects and
private clients.
Tadelakt has a certain charm that made it so popular; besides it being an ecologically reasonable and a healthy solution, it is simply beautiful. Tadelakt is thé elegant solution for many areas for both the traditional as well as a modern home, a cafe, restaurant, gallery, bathroom, entree, private or public space.

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